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Dafuq Is This?

Dafuq Is This?

This is exactly what it looks like: colorful language.

Borne of frustration with people to whom you just want to tell, “FUCK. YOU.” But can’t. You’re not depressed. You’re not defeated. You’re just fed up with the petty bullshit and found a creative outlet for your anger.

Bosses. Customers. Friends. Family. Neighbors. That guy in the cubicle next to you who won’t stop clearing his throat despite the bag of cough drops and passive-aggressive notes *someone* leaves on his desk every Wednesday.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, warm, and welcoming place for your frustration, try church. Or knitting. Together, the rest of us shall resolve to relieve this bottled rage with pretty potty words. We post drawings and place our most popular ones for sale in our shop.